Luggage accessories for your long rides

Luggage accessories for your long rides

This is the best time to go out on the ride. The monsoon is starting there is a reduction in the Corona cases. Once the traveling is totally safe, a lot of bikers are planning their rides to different locations.  Be it a Sunday breakfast ride, a weekend ride or a week-long ride, you have to plan in advance of all the arrangements.

Depending on the ride duration, we need different luggage options. For a breakfast ride, you can use a small back pack and for longer rides, you will need some bigger luggage options.

I have listed out some generic luggage options for you which will fit any motorcycle. That means these are generic options available to be purchased from online stores. Based on the reviews, quality and functionality, I have selected a few for you.

There are a number of points you need to consider.

  1. Size
  2. Functionality
  3. Purpose

First one is the size. Depending on what and how much you want to carry on the ride decides the size. There are many sizes are available in the market. What you need is up to you.

Monsoon season is starting. So it’s better to invest in the luggage that is water proof. You don’t want your cloths and electronics to drench in water during the ride.

For the clothes saddle bags is a good option. For electronic gadgets like cameras, phone, cables and power banks, a tank bag will be a good option.

Currently there are no links to the above products. Links will be added later.

Rynox Drystack Saddlebag – Here are the features (Source – Amazon India) – Price around INR 4000

  • Smart roll-top load: Easy access top loading main compartment with Rolltop mechanism
  • Double-D Loop Mechanism + Rynox Trellis/Foot pegs Straps with easy release buttons (Detachable) to ensure quick and secure mounting
  • In-Built Collapsible PE Sheet for stiff base and increased strength to withstand heavy weight
  • Additional Easy access internal pocket with zip closure to ensure all your essentials come handy when needed
  • 1 outer pocket with buckle for Engine Oil, tools etc
  • And yes. This one is water proof

Rynox Magnapod Motorcycle Tank Bag – Around INR 3500

A magnetic tank bag with 21 liter capacity ( Can be expanded to 28 Liters). More than enough space for all your electronics. If your Motorcycle tank is Metal, you can just stick it to the tank. For other tanks, all straps are provided to tightly secure the bag on the tank. The top transparent section can be used to keep the phone. The touch screens works through the plastic. (Please do not user touch while driving. Always stop completely and then use it).

There are hard luggage options too but those will be covered in other blogs as they require brackets and saddle stays fixed before you can mount the boxes on the motorcycle.

The soft luggage too sometimes needs saddle stays because of the silencer. And in case of mono shock motorcycles, there is a chance that the bags touch the tires. So make sure you know the dimensions of the motorcycle and the bag itself before buying.


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