Top Touring budget motorcycles in India – 2021

Top Touring budget motorcycles in India – 2021

What are the best motorcycles for touring? Let’s talk about that. I have selected the ones under INR 200000 or 2L irrespective of the CC. There are many better bikes in the market with bigger engines that can perform much better and are specifically for touring. But remember, we are talking about the budget segment for the people who want to enjoy the log ride in low budget.

The advantage you get over a bigger bike is the weight, mileage, easy to maneuver etc. While the bigger bikes have better speed, more weight carrying capacity and sometimes better ergonomics.

 X Pulse 200 and 200T –

This light weight bike is perfect for both – everyday city riders, adventure off roading and for long tours. For attaching a saddle bag, you will have to make some arrangements so that the bag stays away from the hot silencer. But this light weight 200 CC motorcycle with 17+ BHP has enough power for a touring need.

The mileage you get on this bike is 40+ which is decent and you do not have to shell out a lot for filling up the tank.

FZS Fi –

For Yamaha Lovers, FZS Fi provides a comfortable two-level seat with the exact firmness required for a long time riding comfort. The 149 CC Fuel-Injected Blue Core engine provides stability, quick acceleration and low vibrations on high speeds. The mono suspension also helps absorbing the shocks from those pot holes very efficiently.

Motorcycle gives more than 50 km/liter mileage. With the

Enfield Classic 350 –

This one is probably the oldest and the best touring Motorcycle around for decades. The 350 CC Engine has enough power to take you to places with luggage equal to your own weight and sometimes more. Twenty years back, this was the best bike for a tour of Ladakh apart from the Jawa and Rajdoot.  People still go to Leh on their Bullets even though there are new and better bikes available for the ride. But that statement is controversial.

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise –

A bike used by many but still under rated is the Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise. A low rider motorcycle is very comfortable on the road because of its actual cruiser like features. The leg positing in front is very relaxing on log rides. The bulky seat also gives enough comfort to ride all day long. Lot of modification is available for this motorcycle in the market. Or just put on a saddle bag and start your tour.


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